Voodoo Doughnut


“Go get some Voodoo Doughnut!”, this was what my friend said before I headed to Portland.

Honestly, I’ve been to Portland a few times but I’ve never visited Voodoo. This time, I wanted to go there for some world famous Voodoo Doughnut and check out what the hype was all about. On a Sunday morning, we arrived at Voodoo’s original location by Chinatown.


There was a line up with an estimate of 50 people or so. Voodoo opens 24/7 and yet there is a line up, I hate lining up for food!!! Being a tourist, we had no choice but to wait in line.


After an hour or so, we are almost there! The interior decoration of the shop is really colourful and funky, with chandeliers adding some complexity to the atmosphere.

voodoo3Voodoo offers a wide variety of donuts with funny names and weird food combinations. I am not the biggest fan of donuts so I was kind of scared off by the names like Bacon Maple Bar and Old Dirty Bastard. Anyways, we ordered some of their famous donuts and a couple of random ones.

I didn’t end up trying all the different flavours but I want to share a few that I liked.

 Bacon Maple Bar  

This is such a weird combo, I don’t know how to describe the taste of bacon on a maple donut. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t amazing… it was just okay to me. It is a very unique twist of sweet and savoury mix that somehow matches together without any weird taste.

 Dirt Doughnut 

I like the Dirt Doughnut over the other ones, with vanilla frosting and Oreos on top. I like how the vanilla cream wasn’t too sweet but the Oreos were kind of soggy… I don’t know if it has been left out for too long or something.

 Voodoo Doll 

The famous Voodoo is shaped like a doll stuffed with blood-like raspberry jelly topped with chocolate frosting. I didn’t really like the raspberry filling, it was too sweet for me.


To me, it is about the experience although they don’t have the best quality donuts. I recommend coming here at least once if you have never been before but I will not line up for it next time.

Price: $
Nom-ness: ♥♥♥

Address: 22 SW 3rd Ave Portland, Oregon, 97204, United States
Hours: 24/7
Phone number:  503-241-4704
Website: http://voodoodoughnut.com/index.php

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