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Down to Portland for the weekend! You guys should definitely visit Pok Pok for some delish Thai street food!

Pok Pok is a Thai restaurant located in the East side of Portland, Oregon. I highly recommend this place for some local Southeast Asian food if you will be visiting Portland in the near future. It was about 10-15 minutes away from Downtown Portland, you might need to use a GPS or Google Map to get there unless you are familiar with the roads. There are street parking everywhere but be careful not to park in the reserved spots in the residential area.


There was no queue on a Saturday afternoon, lucky us! We waited 15 minutes to be seated. The restaurant has several seating sections, we were seated inside by the bar area. There was a jar of water prepared at our table when we sat down. It was a huge satisfaction for my thirst because it was really hot standing outside in the sun. Their water is flavoured with Pandanus leaf which gives it a rice/coconut taste. It was a bit confusing going through the specific Thai terms on the menu, I had to look at the descriptions listed below and asked our server for recommendations. Their menu overall was very meat-centric, but there were some vegetarian dishes as well.


Our order:

 Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings
 Sii Khrong Muu Yaang

 Kai Yaang – Half Bird
 Sticky Rice


Have you had chicken wings marinated in fish sauce? It was first time trying it and oh, it was so delicious! Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings is a must-try if you are a fan of chicken wings. The wings were sweet, savoury, and very flavourful.


It sure is unique to prepare wings fish sauce and sugar, but it got a bit salty after the second piece. I find that it is better to eat the wings with their Sticky Rice ($2.50) which balances out the salty taste. Even though it was quite expensive for 6-pieces of wings ($14.50), but every bite was worth it.


This dish is called the Sii Khrong Muu Yaang ($15), which is baby back ribs marinated in lao jiin, soy, honey, ginger and Thai spices. The ribs didn’t really impress me, the taste was very ordinary. Don’t get me wrong, it was still very good but it wasn’t a WOW kind of dish for me. 

pokpok4Finally, here comes the Kai Yaang ($9.50), the charcoal roasted chicken stuffed with lemon grass, garlic, pepper, and cilantro served with spicy and tamarind dipping sauces. This dish is served in “Half Bird” or “Whole Bird”, order according on your party size. I really like the lemon grass taste and the meat was moist and tender. It was pretty good but I’d choose the fish sauce wings over this.

Overall, the ambiance was casual and their service was satisfactory. If I ever make a trip down to Portland again, I would definitely go back for the wings!

Price: $$
Nom-ness: ♥♥♥

Address: 3226 SE Division Street, Portland, Oregon, 97202, United States
Hours: 7 days a week 11:30 a.m. to 10:oo p.m.
Phone number:  503-232-1387
Website: http://www.pokpokpdx.com/

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